ICEtags for Dementia

Simple and discrete communication of dementia 

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ICEtags for Dementia


Do you or a loved one live with dementia? Our ICEtags featuring the Forget Me Not help to discretely share this information with members of the public and medical professionals when needed most.

ICEtags for Dementia Caring for someone with dementia that is prone to wandering off, causing distress and worry to those left looking for them? We can’t stop that from happening, but if it does ICEtags will ensure that people with dementia can be easily identified and the ICEtags' contacts can be notified making sure they are returned quickly and safely. Regardless of the stages of dementia that your loved one may be at, they still need looking after and may not know their way home or who their loved ones are.

ICEtags will also communicate any additional medical information that first responders or paramedics need to know in an emergency. Not all medicines play nicely together, so it would be far better for the medical staff to know what medication you may have already taken that day, to allow them to consider the best method of treatment for you.


id tags for dementia


ICEtags for Dementia

Should the layout be insufficient to record everything you need to, click here for our bespoke tags which can be personalised with a logo / contact information for care homes, hospitals etc.

If you are a care home, hospital or an organisation, please contact us for bulk pricing and even to arrange for your own logo to appear in the drop down menu so you can encourage your members, patients or staff to order them with your logo and telephone number printed on the front!

Your order will give you three identical tags which are simply snapped apart to give you three tags to attach as you like!

We recommend that you use the Important information to communicate field to share the specifics of your condition.

ICEtags for Dementia

Tick    Communicates diagnosis of dementia as well as any other medical information
Tick    Features the recognisable Forget Me Not image 
Tick    This tag has more room to include all medical information
Tick    Can be attached to keys, attached to an ICEtags lanyard, jewellery or worn on shoe laces
Tick    Easily identify next of kin or 'Return To' details in an emergency or in a missing person situation
Please read our informative blog on how ID Cards Make A Difference To People Living With Dementia and also please visit the registered charity: Alzheimer Society for more information on Dementia.


Your ICEtags will usually be dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of your order, please allow up to 7 days for delivery of goods. If you haven't your goods after a 10 working day period then contact us.

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