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ICE Wallet Card with In Case of Emergency Contacts


Wallet ICEtag Card

ICEtags Wallet Card

Response to emergencies has never been faster than it is today. The constant improvement of telecommunications means that it's easy to dial for help in the event of an emergency. Despite this, contacting a casualty's next of kin to notify them of the emergency can still be a difficult task if the casualty is incapacitated.

ICEtags make it quick and easy to get in touch with the holder's chosen contacts in case of emergency by clearly displaying their name and contact details. Our ICEtags products display a bold and very legible logo to make using the product even easier.

ICEtags wallet cards are standard credit card size, meaning that they will fit in any standard wallet or card pouch. In addition to this, they are larger than our generic ICEtags and so they can present more information in a very logical layout.

The front of the ICEtags wallet card displays the ICEtags logo along with directions of use. The card also features red borders so that the card is easily identifiable even when tucked inside your wallet.


Click here to download the template to put in all your information. Then upload the spreadsheet to your order using the upload file button on the right-hand side of the page.


ICEtags Wallet Card

Tick    Simple and effective

Tick    Stands out in wallet
Tick    Information is water and dirt resistant

Tick    Convenient - small enough to fit in a pocket, large enough to display your vital information
Tick    Carried with you wherever you take your wallet


Your ICEtags will usually be dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of your order, please allow up to 7 days for delivery of goods. If you haven't your goods after a 10 working day period then contact us.

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