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We tag our pets to keep them safe. We tag our luggage in case it goes missing. Why shouldn't people also be tagged In Case of Emergencies? That's exactly what ICEtags do - they carry vital information about you to help you get the help you need, should you need it. They're small, inexpensive and can be attached to your keys, clothing or shoelaces, yet they carry important ID information, emergency contact details and any medical details that may assist emergency services... just in case.


ICE – In Case of Emergency became popular some years ago, with a rush we all entered our emergency contact details into our phones. But what if we don't have our phones with us? I know an almost alien concept in this day and age, but how many of us enter our ICE details now, or take our phones with us when cycling, running, etc? For those times when there is no signal, no battery or indeed no phone, there is ICEtags.


icetagsIncreasingly popular with sports clubs, running events, cycling tours, charity events, and school groups, these small plastic tags carry vital information. It is easy for us to print club logos, slogans and mottos on the front whilst the reverse will carry that all important information that will enable the emergency services to respond swiftly and fully informed.


Perhaps for you it would be 'allergic to penicillin' or maybe 'asthmatic', 'epileptic' etc. Or simply just contact details of someone to call in an emergency. What information would you hold on yours?


ICEtags are not used solely for the sporty types either, we have seen an increasing number of ICEtags purchased for children, great for school trips, family outings or just an everyday precaution. We have also seen a number of care homes and relatives of elderly or vulnerable people utilising these tags. 


Whatever use you find for ICEtags these versatile, durable plastic tags don't cost the earth, you can order a set of 3 starting from just £7.99 (including postage!), click here to choose your options.   If you'd like to speak to our expert advisors prior to placing your order please call us on 03333 444122.


ICEtags - Your In Case of Emergency Contact


ICEtags - In Case of Emergency Contact Details ICEtags Runner Identification - ICEtags Runner with Barcode - ICEtags Medical Identification - ICEtags for Children - Custom Tags - ICEtag hi-viz lanyard - ICEtags for Running Clubs - ICEtags for Sports Clubs

Delivery Expectations

Your ICEtags will be usually be dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of your order, please allow up to 7 days for delivery of goods. If you haven't received your goods after a 10 working day period then contact us.

Where does it go?


ICEtags are designed to be secured to your shoelace or clothing, but can also be attached to your keys - which also helps if you happen to lose them!

What information do they hold?


This depends on your individual need. Check out each of the products above to see our recommendations or add your own information.

Starting from just £7.99

for a set of 3

(including postage)


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