In Case of Emergency tags

Free ICEtags

Do you know a local charity or cause that deserves free ICEtags?

ICEtags is passionate about helping people and preventing potentially tragic situations from becoming so.  

We are really keen therefore to give back to the community and local charities so we are actively seeking a couple of local organisations to support.  We will donate our ICEtags to deserving organisations where they could provide a real benefit to the recipients.

For example a care home, that feels it's residents would benefit from having emergency contact details and details of any medical conditions and medications on them at all times.  These can be printed with the care home logo and personal details so they are immediately identifiable to anyone seeing them.

Or perhaps a local sports team needs some support?  We can provide sets of branded tags, again containing ICE information and details of any medical conditions (protected by a scratch off panel if needs be) that can be attached to shoes, clothing and bags.  Teammates may know each other well on the pitch but what about off it?  Would you know who to contact or how to help your friend if they had a reaction to an allergen you didn't know about?

Finally, we would like to work with a local charity who would benefit from a number of bespoke tags, perhaps listing current medication details, allergies, conditions or simply contact details and space to write their own information on.

All we ask in return is that we feature some of the participants on our website to help people understand how our ICEtags can be used in a variety of situations to help protect people.

If you would like to volunteer a local organisation please do get in touch at

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