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These eyecatching ICE Runners ICEtags are lightweight and fully personalised with your club logo and personal details.

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ICE Runners Identification Tags

A vital addition to your running kit

Worn on the laces of your trainers, attached to a handy zip or on one of our hi-viz ICEtags lanyards, ICEtags are waterproof, light and don’t affect your running performance. On one side is the ICE Runners logo and on the reverse is printed your chosen two emergency contacts and any vital medical information to ensure it is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

ICE Runners Identification Tags Your order will give you three identical tags, which are simply snapped apart! Attach them to your laces, your zip, your keys, a lanyard or however like to present your vital information should the need arise.

ICE Runners Identification Tags Perfect for those solo runs or as part of an event, ICEtags will identify emergency contact information or can simply be used for tagging your bags or clothing to ensure it is returned to you should it be lost.

We can also supply clips, rings and hi-viz lanyards to enable you to affix them in a variety of ways. 


ICE Runners Identification Tags

Tick    Simple and effective

Tick    Visible for when they are needed, but discreet for when they are not

Tick    Easy to attach
Tick    Information is water and mud proof

Tick    Never forget it as always attached to your shoelaces

Tick    Stays secure to your shoe and doesn't 'flap' around


Your ICEtags will usually be dispatched within 5 working days of receipt of your order, please allow up to 7 days for delivery of goods. If you haven't your goods after a 10 working day period then contact us.

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