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Eight fab uses for mini tags!
Mini tags are great for carrying critical ICE (In Case of Emergency) information, as you already know. But we’ve been surprised and delighted to learn just how useful they can be in other ways too. And that got us contemplating… why? What is it about mini tags that makes them so versatile? This is what we came up with… Mini tags are: Durable Easy to attach Waterproof Light Able to hold all types of information With that sort of flexibility, it’s no surprise, we realised, that we’ve had quite a diverse mix of requests recently from businesse..
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Organised Run Membership Tags
  Do you organise group runs? Do you take part in them? All across the country, groups of runners (some really quite large in number) get together, perhaps weekly, to go for a run. Five kilometres, ten kilometres, further than that. It’s fun, it’s social, and it’s fat-busting fit too. The quest for many groups now, however, is to make what is already great fun… more organised. How can that be done? Run Membership ICEtags Many group runs now have a barcode operation to enable runners to track their times and progress over the weeks. Fabulous in..
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