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ICEtags for Teachers
Teachers! How many children do you look after during your working week? How many times have you got to be on your guard for any mishaps, allergies or worse, emergencies? Seems a lot given you’re only there to teach a lesson! We understand however that you do have more responsibility than just teaching but when you have to be aware of those children who might have medical issues, or worse, those ones who don’t and end up having an emergency on your hands. Or what about those trips you organise? Taking a class of children on a bus to the zoo or to a museum can be a fun day out ..
In Case of Emergency - When a Child Goes Missing
When ICE is not just a ‘nice to have…’ Here at ICEtags, we’re very aware that our brand often comes to the fore in stressful situations. Our aim, therefore, is always to offer products that help to reduce this stress, speed up the time it takes to resolve a problem, and basically give people peace of mind. It’s not just a job for us… we’re passionate about it!   Take, for example, when a child goes missing. The thought of it turns many a parent’s stomach. Obviously, at well organised events there will be a ..
Childrens ID tags
With the arrival of the summer holidays, many schools and groups will be offering children the opportunity of play schemes and activities to keep them entertained during the break. If you are a parent who has arranged this, you are probably feeling relieved they won’t be spending all their time running riot at home! However, there is always the slight worry of whether they are safe when you are not with them. If you are a parent, or someone arranging these events, the most important factor to consider is the safety of those you are responsible for. Childrens ID tags Are a fu..
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