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Custom Pages For Running Clubs
As the focus on health and safety constantly increases, running and athletics clubs across the UK are making it essential for members to carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) information with them. They not only offer peace of mind that the emergency services can contact the casualty’s next of kin in an accident, but they can also display vital information about allergies or health conditions that might be crucial in treating the wearer. At ICEtags we offer a printing service that can be tailored to your running club. Your ICEtags can be printed with your club logo and colours on one side ..
How can your club promote member safety?
Start thinking ICEtags for members… If you’re a member of a running, athletics or sports club, or perhaps even manage one, you may have already heard of ICEtags. But, bearing in mind the difference they can make, we thought it worth sharing a little more information on them today. ICEtags are small plastic cards that are easily attached to a shoelace or zipper, and can hold quite a lot of critical information. The sort of details we’re referring to can include: Individual’s name Emergency contact details Medical information Personalised with your club..
Running Club ICEtags
At ICEtags HQ we like to help with all types of requests and this week we had an interesting one from a running club who frequently have new runners join them, at times unannounced, which of course they welcome. They wanted an immediate way to record ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact details for their members and any new runners and of course branded with their running club logo. The running club enquired about an ICEtag for their runners that could be written on in permanent marker and be small enough to be attached to a shoelace. Because we have been printing cards for 18 years w..
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