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Custom Pages For Running Clubs
As the focus on health and safety constantly increases, running and athletics clubs across the UK are making it essential for members to carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) information with them. They not only offer peace of mind that the emergency services can contact the casualty’s next of kin in an accident, but they can also display vital information about allergies or health conditions that might be crucial in treating the wearer. At ICEtags we offer a printing service that can be tailored to your running club. Your ICEtags can be printed with your club logo and colours on one side ..
How can your club promote member safety?
Start thinking ICEtags for members… If you’re a member of a running, athletics or sports club, or perhaps even manage one, you may have already heard of ICEtags. But, bearing in mind the difference they can make, we thought it worth sharing a little more information on them today. ICEtags are small plastic cards that are easily attached to a shoelace or zipper, and can hold quite a lot of critical information. The sort of details we’re referring to can include: Individual’s name Emergency contact details Medical information Personalised with your club..
World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017
  28th April marks the World Day for Safety and Health at work and we know that it's a time when a lot of large companies and organisations place a huge focus on further ways that they can enhance security, peace of mind and welfare for their employees. We would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ICEtags. What are ICEtags? ICEtags are simple plastic tags, which can affix to shoes or clothing, and carry vital ICE information including next of kin contact details as well as potentially life-saving medical information. Initially, these started ou..
Eight fab uses for mini tags!
Mini tags are great for carrying critical ICE (In Case of Emergency) information, as you already know. But we’ve been surprised and delighted to learn just how useful they can be in other ways too. And that got us contemplating… why? What is it about mini tags that makes them so versatile? This is what we came up with… Mini tags are: Durable Easy to attach Waterproof Light Able to hold all types of information With that sort of flexibility, it’s no surprise, we realised, that we’ve had quite a diverse mix of requests recently from businesse..
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Customised Medical Tags for Charities
You’ll probably already have heard of medical bracelets. They are designed to provide critical medical information to first responders at the scene of an emergency. However, though they’re useful, they have their limitations with regard to how much information can be shown. Plus, they also mean your personal details can be very public. A medical tag – what we like to call an ICEtag – on the other hand, can include a lot more information, and some details can be hidden behind a scratch panel if required.  So, with that said, let’s start with a little backgr..
Raising ICE awareness… spreading the word
ICE… what’s that? ICE stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’. If you visit the official ICE website ( you’ll quickly see it paints a compelling picture that illustrates the importance of ICE.  Imagine this. You’re sitting at home, expecting a loved one to walk through the door any minute… and they don’t. Imagine then calling the police to report a missing person, only to be told you have to wait 48 hours before you can do this. What’s your next step? Do you call all the local hospitals to enquire abou..
I spy an ICEtag on your helmet…
An ICEtag? We hear you ask. Really? Yes…or more specifically it’s a Vital ID tag. If you’re the sporty type and you’re regularly out cycling, climbing, or risking life and limb in some other capacity, you’ll know that safety is important. You’ll already be taking precautions to prevent injury – such as wearing a helmet – but there are other things you need to consider too in the event that you have an accident. Make it easy for people to help you… When someone comes to your aid, whether it’s a friend or a medic, giving them..
In Case of Emergency - When a Child Goes Missing
When ICE is not just a ‘nice to have…’ Here at ICEtags, we’re very aware that our brand often comes to the fore in stressful situations. Our aim, therefore, is always to offer products that help to reduce this stress, speed up the time it takes to resolve a problem, and basically give people peace of mind. It’s not just a job for us… we’re passionate about it!   Take, for example, when a child goes missing. The thought of it turns many a parent’s stomach. Obviously, at well organised events there will be a ..
In Case of Emergency - How Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life
Here at ICEtags HQ we do believe passionately that you should take every care to ensure that, in the unfortunate event of an accident, that you can be identified easily and quickly and that your next of kin can be identified and contacted quickly. Did you know that it takes on average 8 hours for the emergency services to identify an individual without any form of ID on them – now that is a terribly bad way of using the already stretched resources of the emergency services. In Case of Emergency - How Your Smartphone Can Save Your Life We create ICEtags (In Case of Emergency tags &n..
Running Club ICEtags
At ICEtags HQ we like to help with all types of requests and this week we had an interesting one from a running club who frequently have new runners join them, at times unannounced, which of course they welcome. They wanted an immediate way to record ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact details for their members and any new runners and of course branded with their running club logo. The running club enquired about an ICEtag for their runners that could be written on in permanent marker and be small enough to be attached to a shoelace. Because we have been printing cards for 18 years w..
Medical ICEtags
If you suffer from a medical condition, it’s important that you keep identification on you to highlight what that condition is in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Medical ICEtags (In Case of Emergency tags) not only provide the details of your emergency contact person but also any medical condition you may have so that if you require assistance, whoever is helping you can identify what it is you suffer from and ensure the correct treatment is administered. Regardless of the severity of the situation, it can make a big difference to the outcome of an accident or in..
ICEtags Keyring for Estate Agents
Calling all estate agents out there! When you sell a house and hand over the keys to your ever so excitable customer, other than seeing their smiling faces as they venture off into their new home, do you ever think about the possible opportunities for leaving a lasting impression? Yes, that surprise bottle of bubbly or some flowers might spring to mind, but let’s face it, they won’t last forever. So what else can you do? Let ICEtags help, that’s what! Think of that moment where you are handing over the keys…THAT is your cue. THAT is the ideal opportunity for y..
Allergy ICEtags
Sunshine is here and holidays have begun. Friends are packing their suitcases and heading to their favourite destinations, gigs and festivals are in full swing and late night BBQs and picnics are underway. There’s no doubt about it, we all want to go out and enjoy the sunshine relaxing or participating in your favourite sport and there’s no reason not to…it is summertime after all! However, there are times when you may find yourself in a bit of a perilous situation thanks to being menaced by a pesky  wasp or the realisation that dawns after devouring that chicken..
ICEtags Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club
  Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club   We recently provided Northampton Swimming Club with a number of ICEtags and ID Cards to help keep their swimmers safe whilst at the Warm Weather Camp in Fuerteventura. We printed ICEtags with the name of each swimmer and any medical/allergy info which they attached to swimming costumes and whilst travelling, their shoe laces. We also provided them with ID Cards courtesy of our parent company ID Card Centre with emergency contact info and funky orange lanyards. It’s great to see our ‘In Case of Emergency T..
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