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Childrens ID tags
With the arrival of the summer holidays, many schools and groups will be offering children the opportunity of play schemes and activities to keep them entertained during the break. If you are a parent who has arranged this, you are probably feeling relieved they won’t be spending all their time running riot at home! However, there is always the slight worry of whether they are safe when you are not with them. If you are a parent, or someone arranging these events, the most important factor to consider is the safety of those you are responsible for. Childrens ID tags Are a fu..
Promotional Key Rings
If you are planning an event, or are looking at ways to promote a product, why not invest in some promotional key rings as part of your promotions. These small but durable plastic tags can be used for a variety of purposes and will be an item the recipient will keep, allowing you to ‘stay’ with the prospect. Great for use in estate agents, letting agents, garage and service centres, caravan sales etc. Available in black or coloured print, the plastic tags are both weather and waterproof, so on the off chance they may end up in the washing machine (we’ve all been the..
Sales Administrator
Sales & Operations Administrator   ID Card Centre Ltd, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6AP   ID Card Centre Ltd supplies a complete range of identity and security related products including PVC card printers, lanyards, plastic cards and all associated accessories. ICEtags is a trading style of ID Card Centre Ltd. We are looking for a confident, enthusiastic and self motivated person to assist in operation aspects of the business as well as technical support and account management. You will be a self starter with a good telephone manner and strong administrative and ..
ICEtags Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club
  Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club   We recently provided Northampton Swimming Club with a number of ICEtags and ID Cards to help keep their swimmers safe whilst at the Warm Weather Camp in Fuerteventura. We printed ICEtags with the name of each swimmer and any medical/allergy info which they attached to swimming costumes and whilst travelling, their shoe laces. We also provided them with ID Cards courtesy of our parent company ID Card Centre with emergency contact info and funky orange lanyards. It’s great to see our ‘In Case of Emergency T..
ICEtags Stress Test
  ICEtag Stress Test   A large number of our customers affix their ICEtags to their apparel. Whether it is lightweight running clothes, a child’s coat zip or threaded onto laces, at some point we figure the likelihood of one of our ICEtags accidentally ending up in a washing machine very high! We have all done it, money, keys and if you are very unlucky mobile phones… we have all had that sinking feeling when we spy a foreign object bobbing around in the soap suds!   So following this train of thought we wanted to see what would to an ICEtag if it doe..
Barcodes for timetrial runners
We have recently added the functionality for runners who participate in time trialled runs which involve them printing barcodes onto its of paper. You can now add your barcode number during your purchase and let us generate the barcode and print it on the front of your ICEtag! Click here to order yours now! If you have any questions contact us: Email: info@icetags.co.uk Telephone: 03333 444122 ..
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