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ICEtags in Care Homes – Keeping Solutions Simple
Making use of In Case of Emergency (ICE) information in a care home setting is a multi-faceted challenge. Not only does an ICEtag system have to be easy to use and simple to administer, but a balance needs to be struck between not appearing too institutional whilst still being functionally of value to both residents and staff. However, residents in care homes often struggle to communicate with their carers, particularly in an emergency. So anything that holds the information a carer needs to provide fast, effective attention will make a difference when a rapid response is required. An i..
How can your club promote member safety?
Start thinking ICEtags for members… If you’re a member of a running, athletics or sports club, or perhaps even manage one, you may have already heard of ICEtags. But, bearing in mind the difference they can make, we thought it worth sharing a little more information on them today. ICEtags are small plastic cards that are easily attached to a shoelace or zipper, and can hold quite a lot of critical information. The sort of details we’re referring to can include: Individual’s name Emergency contact details Medical information Personalised with your club..
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