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Hi-Vis Lanyards for Dark Winters
The clocks have just gone back, and that means longer, darker nights are going to start creeping in. If you find yourself spending time in the pitch black – whether it’s for work or fun, like sports – then you should invest in a hi-vis lanyard to keep yourself safe and visible to car drivers. These lanyards come in a variety of colours and are perfect for ensuring safety while out and about. If you run along dark country roads or work alone outdoors, then one of our lanyards will increase your visibility and potentially prevent any accidents. Our hi-vis lanyards are ..
Looking After Someone Living With Dementia
Do you know what this flower is? It’s Myosotis Sylvatica more commonly known as the Forget Me Not. Considering the line of work I’m in, you would think that I would know that the Forget Me Not is widely used by charities and organisations associated with Dementia. But honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it, despite seeing various logos and incarnations of the Forget Me Not. I wasn’t aware that cafes and shops displaying a Forget Me Not in their window are ‘Dementia Friendly’ establishments meaning the physical environment has been considered..
ICEtags for Teachers
Teachers! How many children do you look after during your working week? How many times have you got to be on your guard for any mishaps, allergies or worse, emergencies? Seems a lot given you’re only there to teach a lesson! We understand however that you do have more responsibility than just teaching but when you have to be aware of those children who might have medical issues, or worse, those ones who don’t and end up having an emergency on your hands. Or what about those trips you organise? Taking a class of children on a bus to the zoo or to a museum can be a fun day out ..
World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017
  28th April marks the World Day for Safety and Health at work and we know that it's a time when a lot of large companies and organisations place a huge focus on further ways that they can enhance security, peace of mind and welfare for their employees. We would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ICEtags. What are ICEtags? ICEtags are simple plastic tags, which can affix to shoes or clothing, and carry vital ICE information including next of kin contact details as well as potentially life-saving medical information. Initially, these started ou..
Last Minute Marathon Prep
It’s nearly marathon time! It’s time to taper. You know you can do the long runs, the fast runs, the hills. The next two weeks are all about reducing your runs, keeping it slow and steady. It’s time to help your body recover from the intense training you’ve been putting it through and get it in optimum shape for the main event. Restoring glycogen stores, repairing damaged tissue and mentally preparing. So what are the most important factors for success in the last couple of weeks? Keep it slo..
Horse Riders – Think Safety… Think ICE
It’s not an aspect of loving horses one wants to dwell on too much, but it does still need head space from time to time.  Riding is a dangerous sport. It’s great fun. Extremely gratifying. And frequently a rewarding challenge. But dangerous it is too. Often, by its very nature, you and your steed are out in the middle of nowhere. You may regularly ride with someone else, but out in the middle of nowhere you still are. And in the event of an accident, you’re going to want every little bit of help you can get to speed up assistance. And this is w..
Eight fab uses for mini tags!
Mini tags are great for carrying critical ICE (In Case of Emergency) information, as you already know. But we’ve been surprised and delighted to learn just how useful they can be in other ways too. And that got us contemplating… why? What is it about mini tags that makes them so versatile? This is what we came up with… Mini tags are: Durable Easy to attach Waterproof Light Able to hold all types of information With that sort of flexibility, it’s no surprise, we realised, that we’ve had quite a diverse mix of requests recently from businesse..
Organised Run Membership Tags
  Do you organise group runs? Do you take part in them? All across the country, groups of runners (some really quite large in number) get together, perhaps weekly, to go for a run. Five kilometres, ten kilometres, further than that. It’s fun, it’s social, and it’s fat-busting fit too. The quest for many groups now, however, is to make what is already great fun… more organised. How can that be done? Run Membership ICEtags Many group runs now have a barcode operation to enable runners to track their times and progress over the weeks. Fabulous in..
Who depends on you?
The question we’re about to ask often sits uncomfortably on a carer’s shoulders. You’re doing an amazing job. Day to day, you’re looking after an elderly parent, perhaps one with dementia, and it’s an hour by hour juggling act. They need to be regularly taken to the bathroom. They need someone to administer their medication on a timely basis. And they need to be fed. So with that said, what’s the uncomfortable question we’re about to ask?   Who’s there for them if you’re not? You may be answering that in yo..
Customised Medical Tags for Charities
You’ll probably already have heard of medical bracelets. They are designed to provide critical medical information to first responders at the scene of an emergency. However, though they’re useful, they have their limitations with regard to how much information can be shown. Plus, they also mean your personal details can be very public. A medical tag – what we like to call an ICEtag – on the other hand, can include a lot more information, and some details can be hidden behind a scratch panel if required.  So, with that said, let’s start with a little backgr..
What would happen to your pet if you had an accident?
It’s not a question one thinks to ask… but it does need asking. And there are actually two scenarios one needs to consider. Firstly, what happens if you’re in an accident and your pet is with you. And secondly, if you’re in an accident and your pet has been left at home. Either way, it’s worth considering carrying information about your pet on you at all times. Give the emergency services a chance to ensure they are looked after during a crisis. An ICEtag for you Consider this: You have a pet, and you pop out to the shops. An act of misfortune causes you..
ID Cards Make A Difference To People Living With Dementia
Many carers aren’t aware of this, but apart from displaying the ‘obvious’ medical information that a first responder needs, an ID card for a someone living withg dementia can be a life-saver. Not only can it hold sensitive information behind a scratch panel, but it can also provide critical instructions on how to contact their family.   That seems reason enough for a patient to start carrying an ID card, of course, but there are other aspects to dementia care that make one a real boon.  For people with dementia still living at home… ..
The BEST products for staying safe on dark night runs…
As the nights are drawing in and the clocks go back, you need to think about staying safe on darker runs. There’s no reason for the short days to stop you going out, it’s just a matter of taking a few extra precautions… Whether you’ve just discovered running or you’ve been pounding the pavements for years, we hope you’ll find some useful ideas here. Our top products for running in the dark are...   Head torch for unlit areas You may not like the idea of something strapped..
The importance of ICE in the workplace
ICE For Workers… Really? Yes!  Do one or other of these sound familiar? You sit next to the same person every day in the office, and though you chatter you don’t really know each other. Or… You find yourself managing a different set of site workers every week; you can barely keep up with their names let alone any personal details. In either situation, where would you turn for information if someone collapsed? The stricken individual is going to need appropriate, fast medical assistance and will be keen for their family to be..
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