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ICEtags Stress Test

ICEtags Stress Test


ICEtag Stress Test


A large number of our customers affix their ICEtags to their apparel. Whether it is lightweight running clothes, a child’s coat zip or threaded onto laces, at some point we figure the likelihood of one of our ICEtags accidentally ending up in a washing machine very high! We have all done it, money, keys and if you are very unlucky mobile phones… we have all had that sinking feeling when we spy a foreign object bobbing around in the soap suds!
So following this train of thought we wanted to see what would to an ICEtag if it does end up in the wash. Don’t try this at home there is a risk that such a small object can end up in the washing machine filter, or slipping behind the drum, there is a risk you will damage the washing machine. This exercise was conducted in a controlled environment, with a full risk assessment, safety goggles and men in white coats with clipboards (not quite but you get our drift).

ICEtag Stress Test #1

60° wash complete with detergent and other items. As you can see from the after image below, other than looking a bit cleaner the ICEtag doesn’t look any different! The print is intact and the tag has retained its shape. If you leave your tag on accidentally and put it through a 60° wash it doesn’t look like it will be the end of the world! A resounding success.

90° wash complete with detergent and other items. Ah, whilst the print remains intact and legible, the card itself has warped, but then at nearly boiling point, we really are not surprised. However, it can be argued that because the emergency contact details are clear and can be read that this is a stress test pass.


What do you think? Do you have a stress test for our ICEtags? Leave a comment below and if it is feasible we will test the tags!


ICEtag Stress Test








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