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Hi-Vis Lanyards for Dark Winters

Hi-Vis Lanyards for Dark Winters

The clocks have just gone back, and that means longer, darker nights are going to start creeping in.

If you find yourself spending time in the pitch black – whether it’s for work or fun, like sports – then you should invest in a hi-vis lanyard to keep yourself safe and visible to car drivers.

These lanyards come in a variety of colours and are perfect for ensuring safety while out and about. If you run along dark country roads or work alone outdoors, then one of our lanyards will increase your visibility and potentially prevent any accidents.

Our hi-vis lanyards are also perfect for use in education. If you find yourself taking groups of children, both large and small, outside of their school, then you could provide each student with one of our hi-vis lanyards so they’re easily visible along dark roads should they stray from your group.

You can find our range of hi-vis lanyards here.

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