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Custom Pages For Running Clubs

Custom Pages For Running Clubs

As the focus on health and safety constantly increases, running and athletics clubs across the UK are making it essential for members to carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) information with them. They not only offer peace of mind that the emergency services can contact the casualty’s next of kin in an accident, but they can also display vital information about allergies or health conditions that might be crucial in treating the wearer.

At ICEtags we offer a printing service that can be tailored to your running club. Your ICEtags can be printed with your club logo and colours on one side with the standard runner identification design on the rear, making them a stylish addition to members’ running gear.

To make ordering personalised tags quick and easy for your club members, we can even set up your own area on our website with a custom page that’s personalised with information and graphics relating to your club. The page will feature an easy ordering section and we’ll add a live preview of your ICEtags too, making it easy for members to order their tags with the correct information. We will also personalise other aspects of your club’s page too, such as the image banner and text content. To see an example of how your running club page could look, click here to see a sample page.

Like all our tags, custom running club tags have a small hole punch on the tags so that they can be easily attached to your shoelaces (or clothing or kit bags!), so they’re just as lightweight and durable as our standard tags but with the added perk of personalisation!

To enquire about getting a custom ICEtags design and webpage made for your running club, send us an email to sales@icetags.co.uk and we will be happy to help!

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