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Keep Safe Cards for People with Disabilities

Keep Safe Cards for People with Disabilities

The Keep Safe scheme is a card project in Northamptonshire that aims to help those with disabilities get the help they need in situations where, without a Keep Safe card, it might be difficult for them to communicate their problem. The project began in 2011 but has recently undergone a relaunch as Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Learning Disabilities Partnership Board are trying to increase the number of card users in the county.

The Keep Safe Cards are aimed at people with a disability or mental illness, or those that may be vulnerable at times during their daily activities. The cards were implemented in response to research that uncovered that many people with a disability or mental illness struggle to communicate a problem to someone. The cards display a variety of different information that will help people to better understand the person’s problem or need.

The Keep Safe Cards scheme, which is currently only in place in Northamptonshire, already has 1,400 users, but with the backing of Northamptonshire emergency services and mental health charity Mind, the hope is that the number of users will grow considerably.

At ICEtags we recognise the struggles of communicating in emergency situations and think that the benefits of this scheme are very broad. Although the scheme is only for people in Northamptonshire, ICEtags are a great alternative to the Keep Safe Card. A variety of different tags are available, displaying the information of your choice- and you can even personalise them with your own image. Like the Keep Safe Card, ICEtags can display information that will help people to understand the user’s needs in an emergency, or simply a situation in which the user needs help or assistance.

Our Generic ICEtags allow for up to two ICE contacts as well as the user’s name and medical information. Alternatively, custom ICEtags can be fully customised with information of your choosing. Visit ICEtags’ product webpage to find out more information and to order tags.

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