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Horse Riders – Think Safety… Think ICE

Horse Riders – Think Safety… Think ICE

It’s not an aspect of loving horses one wants to dwell on too much, but it does still need head space from time to time. 

Riding is a dangerous sport. It’s great fun. Extremely gratifying. And frequently a rewarding challenge. But dangerous it is too.

Often, by its very nature, you and your steed are out in the middle of nowhere.

You may regularly ride with someone else, but out in the middle of nowhere you still are.

And in the event of an accident, you’re going to want every little bit of help you can get to speed up assistance.

And this is where Vital ID ICEtags come in…

Vital ID ICEtags make things easy…

The irony is, we bet you’re already taking sensible safety precautions like wearing a riding helmet etc.

So it’s only a tiny step further to carry your critical medical facts, next of kin contact details, and other useful information on you at all times. Plus, even better, you can include important information about your horse too!


Help first responders help you…

Vital ID ICEtags are sticker type ICEtags which can be permanently attached to your riding helmet, saddle or bridle (or all three!).

Attaching Vital ID ICEtags on yourself and your horse means you can give the first person on the scene of an accident invaluable information. They’ll know your name and your horse’s name. They’ll know any critical medical details about both of you. And they’ll know who to contact and how.

All those details will enable a medic or a friend to help both you and your horse quickly and easily if you’re unconscious.

Not only does it make things easier for them, it could save your life.

Vital ID ICEtags are easy to take out on a ride…

  • If you permanently affix you Vital ID ICEtags, you’ll never forget them – Put simply, it’s one less thing to remember, isn’t it? And you’ll have peace of mind that medics can help you both in the event of an emergency.
  • Fixed Vital ID ICEtags won’t snag – If you affix them to your helmet and saddle, for example, it can be done in a way that will mean they won’t snag on anything. It’s not like wearing a bracelet, necklace, or wristband. They can’t get caught.
  • Your Vital ID ICEtags are clearly visible to first responders on the scene – You may not know this, but it can take medics up to eight hours to identify somebody if they’re unconscious. A Vital ID ICEtag solves that problem immediately.
  • Vital ID ICEtag information is easily accessible – For fear of causing more injury, often medics won’t move a casualty or remove their helmet. If your medical information is hidden on a bracelet or necklace, it may be next to useless. If it’s on a Vital ID ICEtag on your helmet and/or bridle etc. you may be making it much easier for them.
  • Vital ID ICEtags are resilient and waterproof – It can be raining cats and dogs, but your Vital ID ICEtags won’t mind. Your, and your horse’s, critical details will remain protected and visible.
  • Vital ID ICEtags are lightweight – Fixed to a bridle or your riding hat, neither you nor your horse will notice.
  • Vital ID ICEtags can be made of reflective material – Vital ID ICEtags attached to your riding hat or tack can still catch the eye in both light and dark situations.

In a nutshell, therefore, Vital ID ICEtags are easy to get, easy to use, and easy to wear.

By taking this one tiny step further towards your safety, wearing a Vital ID ICEtag when you’re out riding will make a difference.

For more information, including details of our bulk pricing (ideal for clubs!) please click here.


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