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Organised Run Membership Tags

Organised Run Membership Tags


Do you organise group runs?

Do you take part in them?

All across the country, groups of runners (some really quite large in number) get together, perhaps weekly, to go for a run. Five kilometres, ten kilometres, further than that. It’s fun, it’s social, and it’s fat-busting fit too.

The quest for many groups now, however, is to make what is already great fun… more organised.

How can that be done?

Run Membership ICEtags

Many group runs now have a barcode operation to enable runners to track their times and progress over the weeks. Fabulous in theory, but bits of paper start to be irritating… and messy. A superb solution to this problem, however, are runner ICEtags with barcodes. But what are they?

ICEtags are small, plastic tags that can have quite a lot of information printed on them, including:

  • Individual’s name
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medical information
  • Personal barcode

ICEtags are easy to get printed and administer, and cost very little per unit – particularly as groups get larger. They are waterproof and durable too, which means they can take whatever the weather chucks at them, as well as any inevitable knocks.

But they’re not just popular for events where the organisers want to improve on organisation; runners love them as well. They’re light, so they don’t affect performance in any way, and they can be easily affixed either to a shoelace or a zipper. The barcode is printed on one side, whilst all the contact and medical information is printed on the other, so scanning is easy.

For organisers of these events, ICEtags for runners can be a boon in an additional way though. Runners are often keen to leave their ICEtag permanently attached to their laces. It’s simple, therefore, to offer them two tags: One with your group logo on one side, and the runner’s barcode on the other; the second with their ICE information and the ICE logo (or indeed any combination of these!). This will help ensure the group’s logo is regularly seen on non-event days.

They are easy to order and have printed. And bulk orders enjoy a discount off what is already an extremely competitive per unit price.

In a nutshell, ICEtags for runners:

  • Are a recognised barcode solution
  • Are visible but discreet
  • Are easy to attach
  • Are waterproof and easy to keep clean
  • Can remain permanently attached to a shoelace
  • Stay secure to a running shoe and don’t 'flap' around
  • Can hold important ICE information and medical details

If you’d like to find out more about ordering ICEtags with barcodes for your running members, please do contact us. We’d be delighted to talk through your requirements in more detail.

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