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Who depends on you?

Who depends on you?

The question we’re about to ask often sits uncomfortably on a carer’s shoulders.

You’re doing an amazing job. Day to day, you’re looking after an elderly parent, perhaps one with dementia, and it’s an hour by hour juggling act.

They need to be regularly taken to the bathroom.

They need someone to administer their medication on a timely basis.

And they need to be fed.

So with that said, what’s the uncomfortable question we’re about to ask?


Who’s there for them if you’re not?

You may be answering that in your head, thinking… well, if I go away or something, so-and-so can come and stay overnight. And that’s great if you’ve got time and advanced notice, because YOU can do a bit of planning. 

But what would happen, for example, if you had an accident at the shops and were unable to communicate you had a dependent at home? It’s a frightening thought.

What can you do about it?


Consider wearing an ICEtag…

Medical practitioners, carers and their families, and friends of those who are dependent on another, automatically consider the value of a medical tag or bracelet for the individual concerned.

As a basic option, a medical bracelet can communicate an allergy or medical condition quickly and easily.

If one wants to take a valuable step further, an ICEtag with space for more information is a good idea. But these will only be of use once a first responder or replacement carer has found the dependent person and checked on them.

If you have an accident out of the house and nobody knows your circumstances, how do they even know to look?


An ICEtag could make the difference…

If you, the carer, wear an ICEtag too, you can communicate all sorts of useful information about your situation. You can inform a reader:

  • You have a dependent at home
  • That your dependent suffers from a particular condition(s)
  • The contact details of a friend/family member close by who can go to your house
  • Your address and instructions

Some of this is sensitive information, so you might prefer for it to be hidden behind a scratch panel. But don’t worry. If you collapse, unconscious, be assured a first responder will scratch that panel off to see what’s underneath it.

Within a short time, your home situation will be being catered for…

Imagine knowing that in the event of an accident your dependent will not be left alone for long, waiting for you to return.

Whoever responds, will be able to check that they are ok, give them their medication (it makes sense to leave clear instructions in your medication box, by the way), feed them and look after any other needs.

How much better do you feel now knowing there’s a good answer to that uncomfortable question? A lot…

If you’d like to find out more about ICEtags for carers, please do get in touch. It’s a great way to give yourself peace of mind.



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