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The BEST products for staying safe on dark night runs…

The BEST products for staying safe on dark night runs…

As the nights are drawing in and the clocks go back, you need to think about staying safe on darker runs. There’s no reason for the short days to stop you going out, it’s just a matter of taking a few extra precautions… Whether you’ve just discovered running or you’ve been pounding the pavements for years, we hope you’ll find some useful ideas here.

Our top products for running in the dark are...



Head torch for unlit areas

You may not like the idea of something strapped to your head whilst you’re running, but you’ll hate the thought of a twisted ankle more.

A head torch takes a little getting used to, but once you’re comfortable with it, the night is but yours to enjoy.


First off, let’s just say that it’s often better to run with a buddy. 

Obviously the camaraderie is nice, and they can offer you that extra bit of motivation when you don’t feel like going out. But it’s not just that. It’s safer to run with someone from a security point of view. Plus, if you fall and hurt yourself, they’re there to help you.

But if a buddy isn’t available, using a run tracker either on your phone, or via a dedicated piece of hardware like Garmin, may enable people to track where you are. And let’s face it, if you do get into trouble, being able to make a call is going to make things much easier.


In case you should become involved in an accident, having proper identification on you is crucial. If emergency services are able to contact your family, find out your blood type, and learn of any pre-existing medical conditions quickly, they have a much better chance of saving your life.

Some runners carry this information in their pocket, but that can easily get lost.  personalised ICEtag with your name, blood type, and emergency contact info is your safest bet.

High visibility clothing & accessories

Being seen is a top priority when running at night. But it’s not as simple as just wearing bright clothing. Most headlights are angled slightly down, so increasing the visibility of your lower leg is important.

Reflective socks and shoelaces are great, as is a reflective ICEtag attached to your laces. In fact, any part of your body that’s moving during your stride will help draw attention to your existence if it’s visible. So wearing a reflective wrist band and ICEtag would work well too.

LED strobe light

Following on from the above point, a flashing LED light can also make quite a difference. Remember, it’s red for your back, white for your front.

Warm top, gloves & hat

Night time running is inevitably cooler than day time running. And that can actually be really refreshing. But if you find that for some reason you have to slow to a walk, or stop completely, you’re going to need to keep that heated body of yours warm.

Take a top (you can always wrap it round your waist), hat and gloves. There will be times you’re glad you did.

Clear glasses

Some people balk at the idea of glasses when they’re running. But at night, clear glasses can be a godsend. They protect your eyes from cobwebs, insects etc and thin branches.

Final thoughts…


Obviously, this is a huge subject and we could write pages and pages on it. But we’re hoping the above suggestions have given you a bit of a reminder on how to be vigilant now that it’s getting darker earlier. Of course, there are some obvious ‘don’ts’ too, like running with earphones, and taking an unfamiliar or unpopulated route on your own.


But whatever you do or don’t do, make sure you carry emergency information on you… just to give a responder a hand in the event that you do get into trouble.


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