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The importance of ICE in the workplace

The importance of ICE in the workplace

ICE For Workers…

Really? Yes!  Do one or other of these sound familiar?

You sit next to the same person every day in the office, and though you chatter you don’t really know each other.


You find yourself managing a different set of site workers every week; you can barely keep up with their names let alone any personal details.

In either situation, where would you turn for information if someone collapsed? The stricken individual is going to need appropriate, fast medical assistance and will be keen for their family to be notified of their situation.

How can you, as an employer, ensure this happens?

ICE for workers – Emergency ID that makes a difference

That’s right, emergency ID tags.

It’s a proven fact that an efficient, effective response to an accident or acute medical condition improves the chance of a good outcome in both the short and the longer term. If you ensure every worker in your office or onsite has an ICEtag, you are enabling them to carry potentially lifesaving information.

ICEtags can provide paramedics, first responders, and first aiders with critical medical details and emergency contact information without having to raid the HR Department’s files. 


What are the benefits of implementing an ICEtag system at work?

1.    The system is simple both to operate and then use in an emergency. An individual’s details are easily accessible or visible. A medic doesn’t need a scanner or specific piece of equipment… they just need to be able to read.

2.    It is an extremely cost effective method of facilitating the best outcome you can as an employer in an emergency health situation.

3.    It can be of use to all members of staff, not just those with known medical conditions. Accidents happen, and to have the emergency contact details of family etc. will make things much easier for you to fulfil your responsibilities as an employer.

4.    Workers still have control of what information they provide. It may be that as a minimum you request staff to provide their name and manager’s name. If somebody doesn’t wish to provide medical information on allergies, that’s their choice. You have, at least, given them the option.

5.    ICEtags need not be an intrusive addition to one’s apparel because they can be worn on the wrist, around the neck, on a shoelace, on a helmet, or even on a zip.  For office workers, ICE information can be added to an existing ID card (behind a scratch-off panel in case of sensitive information) or printed on a stand-alone credit card style ICE card.

6.    With that said, however, for certain work locations where helmets are worn, this may be the best location for an ICEtag to sit. Medics often won’t/can’t move a person when they arrive at a scene for fear of causing more injury. If medical information is in a visible location like a helmet it is going to make a medic’s life a lot easier.

But there are also strategic benefits too…


Here’s some food for thought:

1.    An ICEtag system demonstrates best practice and a proactive safety management approach to staff, customers and insurance companies.

2.    A positively promoted ICEtag system helps raise awareness of high standards of health and safety in the workplace. It reinforces a safety culture.

3.    An ICEtag system encourages staff to take greater personal responsibility for their own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of their colleagues. This makes health and safety management far easier.


So if you’re keen to make even one small change that will make a big improvement to the health and safety of your employees, give us a call now on 03333 444122.

We’d be delighted to advise you on what is the best emergency ID solution for your business.

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