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I spy an ICEtag on your helmet…

I spy an ICEtag on your helmet…

An ICEtag? We hear you ask. Really? Yes…or more specifically it’s a Vital ID tag.

If you’re the sporty type and you’re regularly out cycling, climbing, or risking life and limb in some other capacity, you’ll know that safety is important. You’ll already be taking precautions to prevent injury – such as wearing a helmet – but there are other things you need to consider too in the event that you have an accident.

Make it easy for people to help you…

When someone comes to your aid, whether it’s a friend or a medic, giving them easy access to certain information is invaluable. Details including your name, next of kin, and essential medical information could save your life. Making that information easy to find is key. What can you do?

An ICEtag Vital ID tag on your helmet is the ideal solution...

These small fixed tags can hold all your critical data… And there are actually a whole raft of other good reasons why having an ID tag on your helmet is a good idea. Here are just a few to get you thinking...

You can’t ever forget it

Yup! Let’s accept human nature and work with it, because we’ve all forgotten stuff, haven’t we? It makes sense to ditch the risk and simply have your details permanently attached to your helmet.

A fixed ICEtag won’t catch on things

Depending on your sport of choice, snagging can be a real pain when it happens at just the wrong moment… Take your wristband catching on a handle bar, for example. Disaster! ID tags that are fixed flush to your helmet, however, won’t get in the way and leave you free to concentrate on enjoying what you’re doing.

An ICEtag or Vital ID is easily visible to first response medics

Did you know it can take medics up to 8 hours to identify someone when they’re found unconscious? A visible ID tag on your helmet will catch their eye.

The information on an ICEtag Vital ID tag is easy to access

Medics often won’t/can’t move a person when they arrive at the scene for fear of causing more injury. If your medical information is hidden on a bracelet, necklace, or in a pocket, they may not be able to access it. Make it easy for them!

Helmet Vital ID tags are waterproof and robust

Whatever the weather, a helmet ID tag will cope with it, ensuring your vital information is protected and visible when, and if, it’s needed.

Helmet Vital ID tags are lightweight and aerodynamic

Fixed ID tags will not affect the aerodynamics of a helmet and are so light as to be negligible in that respect too (unless you’re doing the Tour de France, of course!).

Vital ID tags are made of reflective material

An ID tag attached to your helmet is highly visible in both light and dark situations.

Vital ID tags don’t just fix to your helmet

They can be attached to clothing, harnesses and other equipment such as your bike – ideal if in the event of an accident you go one way and your bike goes another way!

An ICEtag makes a great gift!

For the sports enthusiast who has everything… need we say more?

A helmet ICEtag makes a difference…

So, if you’re out on your bike or climbing a rock on a regular basis, and you’re keen to make one small change that will make one big improvement to your safety, order your helmet ICEtag today!


For more information on Vital ID Helmet ICEtags please click here

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