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In Case of Emergency - When a Child Goes Missing

In Case of Emergency - When a Child Goes Missing

When ICE is not just a ‘nice to have…’

Here at ICEtags, we’re very aware that our brand often comes to the fore in stressful situations. Our aim, therefore, is always to offer products that help to reduce this stress, speed up the time it takes to resolve a problem, and basically give people peace of mind. It’s not just a job for us… we’re passionate about it!


Take, for example, when a child goes missing. The thought of it turns many a parent’s stomach.

Obviously, at well organised events there will be a procedure for dealing with this and staff understand what to do as soon as you highlight your concern. Shopping centres and department stores will also have a policy to follow too.

But even if this is the case, there are things that you can do to help organisers and staff reunite you with your child as quickly as possible.

And an ICEtag with your name and contact details hidden behind a scratch off panel may just speed this up.

Here’s why…


When a child is found, what happens next?

One of the key factors for a ‘lost children’ official is to ensure that a child goes back to the right adult. Depending on the child’s age, the staff member will try, therefore, to ascertain the following information as quickly as possible:
•    Child’s name
•    Child’s age
•    Child’s address
•    Who they are with (ideally a name, but if that’s not forthcoming the nature of the relationship eg. mother, sister etc. at least will help)

In addition to this, officials are likely to make brief notes on the child’s description, whilst keeping them out of public view.

When an announcement is made, perhaps over a tannoy, officials will never announce the child’s name, age or description. They are permitted, however, to clarify the name of the adult if it is known because this may get someone’s attention quickly. 

If your child has an ICEtag, an official will be able to access your confidential contact information quickly. How much easier does that make things? Considerably easier, we’d say, even though there are still further hoops to jump through… 

Lost child

When you turn up, how do they know you’re the right person?

When you arrive to collect your child, be aware that at this point you are unlikely to be allowed to see them. You’ll need to clarify certain details first. This can be frustrating, especially if you can hear your little one talking or crying. But it’s important to remember that this protocol is specifically in place to protect your child from being taken by the wrong adult. 

You’ll probably be asked to provide the following information:
•    Your name
•    Child’s name
•    Child’s age
•    Who you are in relation to the child 
•    A description of the child, including appearance and clothing

If you know they have an ICEtag and you know what’s on it – perhaps even a code word – this will really help to confirm your identity. The problem is, you see, if the details you provide don’t match what the official has noted, you won’t be granted access to your child. In fact, officials are trained to monitor the reactions of a child to ensure they aren’t distressed when leaving with you, and if they have any reservations whatsoever, the next step will be for them to contact a police officer. 

All of this is in place to give you, the parent or carer, peace of mind, of course, but it will feel frustrating and difficult to deal with at the time. Let’s face it, at this point all you want to know is that it’s your child they are holding and that your child is safe. 

An ICEtag makes a difference…

So, although one can’t leapfrog any of these important steps, an ICEtag may help to speed up the process of reuniting you with your child. And with that knowledge, it will give you added peace of mind when you’re out and about!

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