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Does ICE info really save lives? A real life story….

Does ICE info really save lives?  A real life story….


The purpose of an ICEtag is simply so that if you are in an emergency situation and cannot communicate then your vital information is easily accessible for first responders and emergency services to find out who you are, who they need to contact and crucially if there is anything they need to be aware of that could help save your life.



Here at ICEtags HQ we love hearing from happy customers and more importantly how our product helps to save lives.  Last week we received one such story – a story from a gentleman so incredible that his story needed to be shared. 


“I was running the St Neot’s half-marathon on 15th Nov 2015 along with many members of my club. At the 9 ½ mile point I collapsed, blacked out, heart stopped, CPR...….. All ok now after open heart surgery and an aortic valve replacement …. gulp or what?!

The main point being that I was wearing an ICE wrist band (albeit not an ICEtags product…) so next of kin could be called and my medical records accessed. It was a real wake up call for the running club as some runners were not wearing/carrying any ICE information.

Hence, the committee decided that we should promote and encourage everyone to carry ICE with them whenever and wherever they run/cycle, so after some research we came across ICEtags which seems to fit the bill.  We are now promoting your product to our club members via our Facebook page.


Best regards




P.S. I am back out running already.  Slow and steady but aiming for the Amsterdam marathon in October.


P.P.S.  If you look at the St Neot’s half-marathon results I do have an official time... the ambulance drove past the finish line and my chip triggered...

ha ha!!”

Finishing Time 


A huge thank you to John from Harpenden Arrows for sharing your story with us and for promoting our product to your club and fellow runners.  We all wish you a continued and speedy recovery and wish you the best of luck for Amsterdam!


When it comes to ICE info we appreciate there are many products and services that can fulfil this job, from a slip of paper in your pocket to an app on your smart phone.  What we love about our product is its simplicity.  It is easy to see and find (emergency services won’t need to move your body to access it), it’s virtually indestructible (see our washing machine test here) and it doesn’t rely on your phone battery or any form of technology or wi-fi signal.


It’s cost effective too – at just £4.20 for a set of 3 tags (which can be personalised with your club logo if required) that’s less than the price of a couple of takeaway coffees!


Email: info@icetags.co.uk

Telephone: 03333 444122

To order your personalised ICEtags please visit



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