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Running Club ICEtags

Running Club ICEtags

At ICEtags HQ we like to help with all types of requests and this week we had an interesting one from a running club who frequently have new runners join them, at times unannounced, which of course they welcome. They wanted an immediate way to record ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact details for their members and any new runners and of course branded with their running club logo.

The running club enquired about an ICEtag for their runners that could be written on in permanent marker and be small enough to be attached to a shoelace. Because we have been printing cards for 18 years we were able to offer a solution:

Running Club ICEtags

We applied to a normal sized ICEtag (a third of a credit card) a signature block, a larger version of the signature strip you normally see on credit cards and loyalty cards. As you will see in this image we have provided guidance for the users; we have the fields Name, ICE and Medical so the runner can fill in all relevant information. We also provided a suitable permanent marker in order to fill in the ICEtag.

We sent the running club a sample of this solution with their club logo printed on the front and they subsequently ordered 334 ICEtag sets. Of course because we received an order for this quantity we were able to apply a discount. See our Bulk discount page for examples of the ICEtags discounts when you order in bulk. We have added a brand new table to incorporate this style of ICEtags – see the ICEtags with Signature block table.

If you have an unusual request for your running club, cycling club or any other sports club or organisation, please call our knowledgeable team on 03333 444122 or email info@icetags.co.uk


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