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Medical ICEtags

medical icetags

If you suffer from a medical condition, it’s important that you keep identification on you to highlight what that condition is in case you find yourself in an emergency situation. Medical ICEtags (In Case of Emergency tags) not only provide the details of your emergency contact person but also any medical condition you may have so that if you require assistance, whoever is helping you can identify what it is you suffer from and ensure the correct treatment is administered.

Regardless of the severity of the situation, it can make a big difference to the outcome of an accident or incident if the  first person on the scene can not only identify the victim but also alert the emergency services of any medical conditions they have.


Medical ICEtags

Maybe you have a heart condition, are allergic to penicillin, suffer with asthma or are taking daily insulin for diabetes; whatever the condition, a medical ICEtag will ensure this information is on your person so you can keep it close to you for such incidences because it can have a huge impact to the treatment and medication you receive.

The emergency services have advised us that on average it takes 8 hours to identify a person who is not carrying any form of identification.  This does not include time for locating medical records to find out about any allergies they have or special medications they require.

More people, whether trained or not, are aware to look out for ID tags these days and having one of these medical ICEtags on you could make such a big difference in an emergency situation.  We appreciate that no one likes to think about something bad happening however being prepared can really be the difference between life and death!  If you’d like to purchase  medical ICEtags, please visit www.icetags.co.uk, to place your order and your ICEtags will be sent out the same day.

Email: info@icetags.co.uk

Telephone: 03333 444122

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