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ICEtags Keyring for Estate Agents

ICEtags Keyring for Estate Agents
Calling all estate agents out there! When you sell a house and hand over the keys to your ever so excitable customer, other than seeing their smiling faces as they venture off into their new home, do you ever think about the possible opportunities for leaving a lasting impression?

Yes, that surprise bottle of bubbly or some flowers might spring to mind, but let’s face it, they won’t last forever. So what else can you do?

Let ICEtags help, that’s what!

Think of that moment where you are handing over the keys…THAT is your cue. THAT is the ideal opportunity for you to leave them with something to remember you by. But what, we hear you ask?

Easy – an ICEtags keyring!

ICEtags Keyring for Estate Agents

A simple, yet effective tag printed with your company name, contact details and strap line on, and attached to their new set of keys, will give your client a little reminder of who you are and how you have helped. Not only that, it’s a great way to access your information if they ever want to do business with you again, or better, refer you to friends or family.

We’re not saying flowers and champagne are a no-no. We actually really like them, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?  What we are saying is after all the effort you have been through to attract your seller, show them around and then get the sale, it would be nice to see your customer walking out of your office happy with not only their purchase but with the whole experience and that is something they are going to want to remember.

So why not have that memory there so whenever they pick up that set of keys, they have your ICEtags keyring as a happy reminder. It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact!

Email: info@icetags.co.uk

Telephone: 03333 444122

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