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Allergy ICEtags

Allergy ICEtags

Sunshine is here and holidays have begun. Friends are packing their suitcases and heading to their favourite destinations, gigs and festivals are in full swing and late night BBQs and picnics are underway. There’s no doubt about it, we all want to go out and enjoy the sunshine relaxing or participating in your favourite sport and there’s no reason not to…it is summertime after all!

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However, there are times when you may find yourself in a bit of a perilous situation thanks to being menaced by a pesky  wasp or the realisation that dawns after devouring that chicken leg you thought looked so tasty on the BBQ when in fact is smothered in peanut sauce… allergies! They can ruin the day!

Allergic reactions, there’s nothing worse, not just for the person having the reaction but also for friends or family that might be with you, especially if panic starts to set in. Nobody wants an allergic reaction, while we do our best with the necessary precautions these things do happen, usually when we least expect them.

allergy icetags

Allergy ICEtags

Are a helpful way of making the first person on the scene aware of the allergies you suffer from. The allergy ICEtags are small, durable and can be easily attached to zips, shoe laces, bags, lanyards and even jewellery so that if you do need assistance or paramedic help, the allergy information can be easily accessible on your allergy ICEtag, along with your name and an emergency contact number.

So if you are an allergy sufferer and feel you would benefit from these allergy ICEtags, take a look at our medical ICEtag page and add your own name, allergy details and emergency contact details.

Email: info@icetags.co.uk

Telephone: 03333 444122

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