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Childrens ID tags

Childrens ID tags

With the arrival of the summer holidays, many schools and groups will be offering children the opportunity of play schemes and activities to keep them entertained during the break. If you are a parent who has arranged this, you are probably feeling relieved they won’t be spending all their time running riot at home! However, there is always the slight worry of whether they are safe when you are not with them.

If you are a parent, or someone arranging these events, the most important factor to consider is the safety of those you are responsible for.

Childrens ID tags

Childrens ID tags

Are a fun, yet essential item we offer just in case one of them decides to wander off to the adventure playground while you are rounding them up for lunch, or maybe if you are going on holiday and want to ensure they don’t get drawn to the sweet counter while you are trying to make your way to departures, this is an ideal product that can be used for those little emergencies.

Childrens ID tags, printed in sets of 3 with a choice of 12 different animal pictures to choose from including dog, mouse, kitten, panda, lion, penguin, bat, toucan, fox, elephant, duck and frog, the small white plastic tags come with the option of either a split ring or clip and will be printed with specific details onto the back including your child’s name, preferred contact name and number and any other important information, such as allergies, they may have. Details can be covered with a protective scratch off panel ensuring that the details are kept safe and only seen in the event it is necessary.

The Childrens ID tags can be easily attached to a bag or onto their shoe laces and if you prefer, we can even offer a plain or customised lanyard option too. Whatever the option, your child will enjoy their new accessory and you can rest assured they will be safe whatever adventure they end up on.

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