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ICEtags Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club

ICEtags Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club


Testimonial from Northampton Swim Club


We recently provided Northampton Swimming Club with a number of ICEtags and ID Cards to help keep their swimmers safe whilst at the Warm Weather Camp in Fuerteventura.

We printed ICEtags with the name of each swimmer and any medical/allergy info which they attached to swimming costumes and whilst travelling, their shoe laces. We also provided them with ID Cards courtesy of our parent company ID Card Centre with emergency contact info and funky orange lanyards.

It’s great to see our ‘In Case of Emergency Tags’ and ID Cards providing some extra security and peace of mind! This is the ICEtags testimonial from the Director of Swimming.


Dear Claire,

Please find below photos, which show us using the ID Tags and Contact Cards whilst away with a group of 63 swimmers.

We found the ID ICEtags extremely helpful as they display the athletes name, any medical conditions and an emergency contact for each individual on them. The swimmers had to have them on their shoelaces when travelling (airports etc) and walking about the resort and when we did an open water swim and mini bi-athlon the swimmers had them attached to their swimming costumes etc.

The Contact cards were also invaluable for the swimmers as it had all the staff contact numbers on should they get lost and not have phones with them. It ensured that they could always pass these details onto resort staff to contact us should there be any reason to do so and would ensure we could deal with any issues immediately.

We would like to thank you for arranging the ICEtags and ID Cards for us and would certainly advocate use of these for any trips where young people are involved. We will certainly be using your company again for any further trips we organise. You can never be too careful!!​

Email: info@icetags.co.uk

Telephone: 03333 444122

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