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In Case of Emergency Tags

What are ICEtags?

ICEtags - In Case of Emergency tags enable first responders such as passers by, paramedics, firefighters and police officers to identify victims, obtain vital medial information and contact their next of kin.

Below is a selection of ICEtags products and some of their uses, however we can print anything you like on the card so you are only limited by your imagination!

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ICE Wallet Card

ICE Wallet Card with In Case of Emergency Contacts   ICEtags Wallet Card Response ..


ID for Runners

ICEtags for runners - simple, lightweight and personalised with your details.   Enter you..


In Case Of Emergency Tags

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Write On ICE Tags

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ICEtags Runner with Barcode

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Medical ID Tag

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ICEtags for Allergies

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ICEtags for Dementia

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ICEtags for Kids

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Custom ICEtags

Custom In Case of Emergency Tags Flexible to suit your individual requirements even printed with ..


ICEtags Bulk order - all identical tags

Flexible to suit your individual requirements even printed with your logo or design! Enter your i..


ICEtags for Horses

In Case of Emergency Tags for Horses and Riders Enter your information into the form on the right..


Hi-Viz Lanyard w/ H&S Breakaway

Hi-Viz Lanyard With Health & Safety Breakaway To complement our ICEtags we are plea..


ICEtags Hi-Viz Lanyard w/ H&S Breakaway

ICEtags Hi-Viz Lanyard With Health & Safety Breakaway To complement our ICEtags we are p..


Vital ID Hard Hat Emergency ID

Vital ID Hard Hat Sticker We recognise that our standard ICEtags are not suitable for every walk ..


ICEtags Bulk Orders

We are quite often asked to provide ICEtags in large quantities for schools, running clubs, sports teams...


ICEtags - In Case of Emergency

It takes the emergency services, on average, eight hours to identify a person found without any form of identification, sometimes longer. Most phones, even with ICE contacts in the memory, are still locked and require specialist technical skills to unlock them and what if the battery is dead?  All of these add time and effort to what could be quick and simple if the information was easily available.  ICEtags were initially created for runners and cyclists who will often go out without any form of ID.  The tags enable emergency contact and any medical information to be found quickly and easily in the event of an accident, or should the person be unable to communicate.

After discovering the popularity of this quick, simple and cost effective method of identification, this quickly spread to other uses including pet tags, mini loyalty card barcode/QR code tags to go on your keys, key fobs for motorbikes, 'If Found' tags for luggage and many other uses.    

ICEtags - In Case of Emergency for Runners

If you are a runner, certain running clubs require you to carry a piece of paper with your running ID, why not have a tag on your shoe or clipped to your clothes to save you the hassle, that way you will never forget your ID again!  Or maybe you compete in timed events which require you to carry a barcode/QR code?  We can print your custom barcode/QR Code on your tag so it's always conveniently to hand (well foot actually!) when you need it!

ICEtags - In Case of Emergency for Vulnerable People and Children

If a loved one is prone to going missing then this can be a quick and simple way of ensuring that they can easily be identified.  If attaching the tag to a shoelace is not an option then we have various other clips to attach it to clothing or we do hi-viz lanyards with health & safety breakaways so the tag can be safely worn around the neck.  

We also now have a flexible range of products including credit card size personalised photo tags, adhesive credit card size tags which are great for attaching to baby and children's car seats,  as well as our ICEtags hi-viz lanyards which are made with reflective material.  We can also add a security scratch off panel to your tags, positioned over the personal information,  to ensure that the information is kept secure until it's needed and you know if it has been accessed.  This is particularly great for children's tags.

Which ever ICEtags you choose, your order will give you three identical tags, printed with your information, which are simply snapped apart and can then be used as you see fit.  Protect yourself, your children, your loved ones or your property with ICEtags, hopefully it won’t be needed but you just never can be too careful!

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